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Watson, Cox First Time Winners


Story by Josh Reynolds



Stuart, IA (May 12) – Beautiful weather gave way to some awesome racing this past Friday night at Stuart Speedway! John Watson, Curtis Miller, Brandon Cox, Josh Gilman and David Smith took the wins on First State Bank Night at the Races.

Brandon Patava and Shawn Kralik led the IMCA Northern SportMods to the green flag, but they wouldn’t make it far as Kralik spun to bring out the caution. Lynn Brockett took advantage of moving to the front row on the restart and led John Watson, Patava and Josh Cooper for the first couple of laps. Watson began to pressure Brockett on lap four and made the pass for the top spot on lap five. From there it was all Watson as he went on to pick up his first ever win in the SportMod. Brocket finished second with Chase Rudolf third, Cooper fourth and Dusty Masolini fifth. Cooper and Brett Vanderheiden were the heat race winners.

IMCA Sport Compacts were up next with Joseph Mastin and Scott Ellis on the front row. John Gill went right to the front from fourth with Curtis Miller and Mastin battling for second. The top two stayed in formation until a lap car slowed Gill on lap ten. This was the break Miller needed as he took over the lead and went on to the win. Gill crossed in second with Dean Richards third, Ellis fourth and Brooklyn Henderson fifth. Miller was the heat race winner.

Korbin Nourse and Brandon Cox led the IMCA Hobby Stocks to the green flag with Cox getting the jump to lead lap one. Nourse, Raymond Fees and Gregg Anderson followed Cox until Anderson moved past fees on lap five. Solomon Bennett passed Fees a lap later to join the top four, but it was still Cox at the point. Lap eleven saw some lap traffic and Anderson got together with Tyler Baker on the backstretch to bring out the caution. Once the green was back out Cox showed no slowing down and would go on to take his first career win! Nourse finished second with Aaron Rudolph third, Jack Phillips fourth and Fees fifth. Nourse, Cox and Anderson were the heat race winners.

IMCA Modifieds were up next with Matt Webb and Josh Gilman on the front row. Gilman shot out to the early lead with Webb and Jeff James battling for second. Clint Luellen and Todd VanEaton joined the fray on lap six and the three cars put on an excellent battle for the runner up position. By the time things shook out it was Luellen in second, but Gilman was in another zip code and went on to take the win. Luellen finished second with VanEaton third, James fourth and Webb fifth. Webb was the heat race winner.

The last race of the night was the IMCA Stock Cars with Chad Legere and Derrick Rohe showing the way. Rohe went out to the early lead with Brandon Pruitt, David Smith and Marcus Fagan in tow. By lap six Smith and Fagan had both moved past Pruitt and were looking at a large deficit to catch Rohe. Lap traffic began to set in on lap eight, but each car Rohe face he seemed to be up to the challenge. As Fagan and Smith fought hard for second they began to reel Rohe in, and by lap seventeen they were at his back bumper. Smith ran high, Rohe in the middle and Fagan on the bottom, and when they took the white flag Fagan and Rohe made contact on the frontstretch. Everyone made it through turns one and two with Rohe leading them into turn three. Smith got a head of steam on the high side of turns three and four and the momentum carried him past Rohe to take the win. The momentum was so great that Smith ended up hitting the wall in turn one and flipping down the track! Smith was ok, and after a career full of wins he commented that this is the first time he’s rolled after one! Rohe took second over Fagan by a bumper with Buck Schafroth fourth and Pruitt fifth. Fagan and Josh Daniels were the heat race winners.

We’d like to thank all who came out to support the race track at our second event of the year. Next week will be Kriegers Chevrolet Night at the Races with our five regular classes in attendance. See you then!


Hobby Stock

1. 66 Brandon Cox

2. 12 Korbin Nourse

3 .38R Aaron Rudolph

4. 00 Jack Phillips

5. 47 Raymond Fees

6. 96R Jamie Songer

7.6 Jamie Schirm

8. 13Z Todd Bass

9. 21 Ross Marshall

10. 57M David McQuiston

11. 3T Jason Bruns

12. 3J Jamie Flugge-Smith

13. 55 Benji Clemons

14. 81B Thomas Stevens

15. 11B Solomon Bennett

16. 3A Gregg Anderson

17. 6M Tyler Baker

18. 13N Dylan Nelson



1.83G Josh Gilman

2. 3L Clinton Luellen

3. V31 Todd Vaneaton

4. 71 Jeff James

5. 51X Matt Webb

6. 5M Matthew Meinecke

7. 14B Scott Bash


Sports Mods

1. 4W John Watson

2. 57 Lynn Brockett

3. 8R Chase Rudolf

4. 10J Josh Cooper

5. 8 Dusty Masolini

6. 16A Bryce Allen

7. 0 Shawn Kralik

8. 61 Brandon Patava

9. 29V Brett Vanderheiden

10. 7 Brandon Bach


Sport Compact

1. 411 Curtis Miller

2. 02 John Gill

3. 69X Dean Richards

4. 00 Scott Ellis

5. 19B Brooklyn Henderson

6. 12W Sterling Weirich

7. 41R Mark Riney

8. 99 Joseph Mastin

9. 13K Braxton Wallace


Stock Cars

1. 8 David Smith

2. 98 Derrick Rohe

3. 1F Marcus Fagan

4. 92 Buck Schafroth

5. 10B Brandon Pruitt

6. 25J Josh Daniels

7. 5 Keith Simmons

8. 22 Chris Pruitt

9. 7C Chad Legere

10. 50B Brock Badger

11. 55 Jordan Riesberg

12. 55X Cory Bushnell

13. 39 Bill Fox

14. 123 Kyle Rose




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