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Shute and Stofer Win Night Before Nationals

Story by Josh Reynolds

Stuart, IA (September 4) – After a week off for rain, the action was fast and furious on the last night of 2016 at Stuart Speedway! Frank Galusha, Kevin Blum, Cody Vandusen, Robert Stofer and Todd Shute were the winners at the Kinzie Services Night Before the Nationals special.

Skylar Hunter and Frank Galusha brought out the Heartland Micro Sprints first with Galusha leading at the start. Hunter and Jayce Jenkins fought hard to try and reel in the leader, but they would settle for second and third as Galusha went on to the win. Kelby Watt and Jackson Frisbie finished fourth and fifth, and Galusha and Frisbie were the heat race winners.

MADCRA Mod Lites came out next with Drew Hilt and Chad Shartzer on the front row. Hilt would go out before a lap was completed, and Shartzer led the first time around. Erin Turner led lap two, but the show was taken over by thirteenth starting Kevin Blum on lap three. Blum would lead through three caution flags and was seriously challenged at the end by Mike Morrill, but he was up to the challenge and went on to take the Clint Walrod Memorial feature win. Morrill finished a close second with Josh May third, Ryan Ayers fourth and Randy Bryan fifth. Ed Griggs, May and Morrill were the heat race winners.

Curtis Miller and Jeremy Bohlen set the pace for the IMCA Sport Compacts next with Miller leading at the start. Only one caution slowed the field on lap three, and Miller looked to be the one to beat. Cody Vandusen began to pull close to Miller on lap eight, and took over the lead on lap eleven. Miller snagged the top spot back on lap thirteen, but Vandusen was stout and led the last two laps to take the win. Miller finished in second with Dillon Richards third, Kyle Owen fourth and Zach Bohlmeyr fifth. Bohlmeyr and Richards were the heat race winners.

IMCA Stock Cars were up next with Dan Mackenthun and Chris Pruitt out front. Mackenthun led the first two laps with Marcus Fagan rocketing by on the bottom to take the lead on lap three. A four car melee on lap twelve slowed the field, but Fagan picked up where he left off and led over Mackenthun and Pruitt until debris was spotted on lap seventeen. Unfortunately for Fagan, he ran over the debris and cut down a tire. This handed the lead over to Pruitt, but that was short lived as Robert Stofer moved by to take the lead the next time around. Terry Pruitt made it to second a lap later, but ran out of time as Stofer went on to the win. Terry Pruitt finished second with Mackenthun third, Brian Blessington fourth and Fagan fifth after going to the back with the flat. Stofer, Chris Pruitt and Fagan were the heat race winners.

Last up was the IMCA Modifieds with Clay Hale and Nicholas Carpenter on the front row. Kody Scholpp slipped past to take the early lead with Josh Gilman and Todd Shute in tow. Shute made the pass for second on lap four, and a yellow bunched up the field on lap six. Shute followed Scholpp for five more laps and made his move to take the lead on lap eleven. One more stoppage on lap sixteen gave Scholpp another chance, but Shute was too strong and went on to take the win. Scholpp finished second with Tom Berry third, Steven Bowers Jr fourth and Jeff James fifth. Scholpp and Matt Webb were the heat race winners.

After the Modified feature, five ladies took part in a powder puff in the Mod Lites with Anne Davis taking the win.

We’d like to thank all who came out to support the race track at our fourteenth and final event of 2016. We will have details for the banquet forthcoming on our website and Facebook page. See you next season and thank you all for a great 2016!


Modifieds - NBN Feature

1. 5    Todd Shute

2 .02    Kody Scholpp

3 .11X    Tom Berry

4 .77    Steven Bowers Jr

5 .71    Jeff James

6 .83G    Josh Gilman

7 .51X    Matthew Webb

8 .24R    Regan Tafoya

9 .88    Sean Barragan

10. 14B    Scott Bash

11. 17R    Derek Reimer

12.33    Nicholas Carpenter

13.80    Steve Reetz

14. 13    Jerry Frydrych

15 .22H    Clay Hale



Stock Cars - NBN Feature

1. 50    Robert Stofer

2 .78P    Terry Pruitt

3 .92    Dan Mackenthun

4 .92B    Brian Blessington

5 .1F    Marcus Fagan

6 .98    Derrick Rohe

7. 3    Joe Zadina

8. 7    Clay Christian

9. 54    Robbie Merkle

10. 55X    Brandon Hill

11. 3S    Bryan Snell

12. 7K    Andrew Knode

13. 17F    John Frydrych

14. 22    Chris Pruitt

15. 77C    Craig Carlson

16.83    Mike Harris

17. 10B    Brandon Pruitt

18.M36    Clay Mercer

19.J7B    Jon Braathun

20. 64    Scott Bailey

21. 16W    Jeff Whiting

22 59    Jerry Leary



Spt Compact - NBN Feature

1. 53    Cody Vandusen

2. 411    Curtis Miller

3. 24R    Dillon Richards

4. 3B    Kyle Owen

5. 24Z    Zach Bohlmeyr

6. 10J    Jeremy Bohlen

7. 4    David Coenen

8. 5H    Shawn Hein

9. 32M    Vicki Meeker

10. 56    John Sopoci

11. 2    Nathan Chandler



Mod Lites - NBN Feature

1. 54    Kevin Blum

2. 6    Mike Morrill

3. 99    Joshua May

4. 19    Ryan Ayers

5. 64    Randy Bryan

6. 47    Ed Griggs

7. 7    Erin Turner

8. 01    David Schmalzried

9. 3    Nathan Wolfe

10. 4T    Tim Sterner

11. 56S    Chad Shartzer

12. 18M    Chelsea May

13. 95    Mike Kennedy

14. X50    Joel Huggins

15. 29W    Wyatt Wilkerson

16. 4B    Douglas Byers

17. 12H    Drew Hilt

18. 18    Dylan Koester

19. 17    Cory Sauerman



Micro Sprints - NBN Feature

1. 12    Frank Galusha

2. 7S    Skylar Hunter

3. 33    Jayce Jenkins

4. 1K    Kelby Watt

5. 38    Jackson Frisbie

6. 16T    Alec Carberry

7. 11    Riley Goodno

8. 20D    David Abell

9. 2    Ryan Arbogast

10. 12X    Doug Sylvester

11. 91    Ali Wood

12. 99    Rich Koop

13. 92M    Ryan Mills

14. 35    Charles Aman

15. 76    Kale Mueller




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