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Shryock Wins Ron Little Memorial

      Story by Josh Reynolds


Stuart, IA (September 23) – Another hot night coupled with some wacky events made for quite a night at Stuart Speedway! Austin Luellen, Jeff Anderson, Damon Murty, Kelly Shryock and Brad Moyer were the big winners at the Ron Little Memorial.

After a delay during hot laps for a power outage in the NW part of the town of Stuart, IMCA Northern SportMods came out first with Austin Luellen and Colton Nelson on the front row. Luellen was first to the lead with Nelson and Jerod Weston close behind. Jake McBirnie took over second on lap five as Luellen continued to lead. Matt Webb showed some strength as he moved into third on lap ten, and the top three stayed the same until the caution flew on lap eighteen. Luellen stayed out front as Webb took advantage of the yellow and passed Nelson for second on lap nineteen. Webb searched high and low but it was not to be as Luellen stayed strong at the front and went on to the win. Webb finished second with Nelson third, McBirnie fourth and David Schwartz fifth from nineteenth! Luellen, Arie Schouten and John Watson were the heat race winners.

Keith Burg and Jeff Anderson started out front for the IMCA Hobby Stocks next with Anderson leading Corey Madden and Burg early on. After the caution came out on lap five Eric Stanton passed Burg for third and had a battle going with Madden for second while Anderson continued to lead. Ross Marshall pounded the turn one wall and brought the cars to a stop on lap ten, and when they fired back up it was Anderson, Madden and Stanton staying strong at the front. Lap sixteen saw the last yellow of the race as Riley Songer came to a stop in turn three, and Anderson displayed the same smooth driving over the last nine laps and went on to the feature win. Madden finished second with Stanton third, Jamie Schirm fourth and Mike Goldsberry fifth. Jamie Songer, Madden, Stanton and Chuck Madden were the heat race winners.

IMCA Stock Cars were up next with Kellie Schmit and Robert Stofer on the front row. Damon Murty shot into the lead from his third starting spot with Stofer and Josh Daniels close behind on lap one. Daniels moved into second just before the big one happened on the front stretch as seven cars came together to bring out the red flag. Once the chaos was cleared it was Murty, Dusty VanHorn and Daniels at the front of the field. Mike Nichols made it to second from his tenth starting spot on lap six and set out to stop Murty from winning two nights in a row. Nichols and Daniels worked high and low, but there was no stopping Murty as he went on to the win and the $500 bonus for winning both nights! Nichols finished second with Daniels third, Brandon Pruitt fourth and Chris Pruitt fifth. Murty, Nichols and Marcus Fagan were the heat race winners.

Next to the track was the IMCA Modifieds for the running of the Ron Little Memorial. Jimmy Gustin and Kelly Shryock were the lucky ones in the draw and led the field of 26 cars to the green flag. Shryock led Gustin and Nick Roberts until Roberts moved past Gustin on lap seven. Two laps later Roberts made the pass on Shryock in lap traffic and took over the lead. Lap eleven saw Roberts get a bit high in turn two and Shryock took back the top spot. Roberts stayed patient and followed Shryock until he got another shot on lap twenty, taking back the lead. A lap later, however, Roberts went for a solo spin, collecting Ricky Stephan and coming to a rest in turn four giving the lead back to Shryock. Two more quick yellows saw the exit of Gustin and Clint Luellen, and the advancement of Richie Gustin to second place. By this point in the race the track was black slick top to bottom, and these two veterans were ready to duke it out over the last eight circuits. While the papers will show Shryock led them all, Gustin was giving him all he wanted as he was up beside the Skyrocket multiple times. Shryock was just a tick better and had the momentum and would go on to be crowned the winner. Richie Gustin finished second with Shane Demey third, Cody Laney fourth and Jeff James fifth. Luellen, Laney, Todd Shute and Shryock were the heat race winners. After the race Shryock presented Mary College with the trophy for the race, and to say that was a stand-up gesture is putting it mildly. Congratulations and well done Kelly!

Last up for the night and season was the Karl Chevrolet Dirt Truck/Iowa Enduro Series Challenge and their 100 lap race. After some fuel stops and lead swaps it was Brad Moyer taking home the win and bragging rights for the Dirt Trucks.

We at Stuart Speedway want to thank each and every one of you that were part of our 2017 season. We couldn’t do any of it without the drivers, crews and fans and we hope to have an even bigger and better year in 2018! Have a great off season and we’ll see you next year!


Modifieds A-Feature

1. Kelly Shryock (3)

Fertile, Ia

2. Richie Gustin (19G)

Gilman, Ia

3. Shane Demey (15M)

Denison, Ia

4. Cody Laney (5L)

Torrance, Ca

5. Jeff James (71)

Stanton, Ia

6. Jacob Murray (48J)

Hartford, Ia

7. Jason Murray (49J)

Hartford, Ia

8. Todd Vaneaton (V31)

Orient, Ia

9. Nick Roberts (23JR)

Des Moines, Ia

10. Josh Gilman (83G)

Earlham, Ia

11. Bob Daniels (25)

Des Moines, Ia

12. Sean Barragan (88)

Seargent Bluff, Ia

13. Tony Hilgenberg (4)

Waukee, Ia

14. T J Patterson (14)

Creston, Ia

15. Rob Rose (123)

Dallas Center, Ia

16. Scott Bash (14B)

Windsor Heights, Ia

17. Lloyd Henderson (32)

Bouton, Ia

18. Matthew Meinecke (5M)

Jamaica, Ia

19. Russ Dickerson (28R)

Boone, Ia

20. Clinton Luellen (3L)

Minburn, Ia

21. Jimmy Gustin (19)

Marshalltown, Ia

22. Ricky Stephan (25C)

S. Sioux City, Ne

23. Joe McBirnie (82)

Boone, Ia

24. Ryan Jenkins (6)

Omaha, Ne

25. Todd Shute (5)

Des Moines, Ia

26. Bill Heinkel (58)

Perry, Ia


Stock Cars A-Feature

1. Damon Murty (99D)

Chelsea, Ia

2. Mike Nichols (63)

Harlan, Ia

3. Josh Daniels (25J)

Carlisle, Ia

4. Brandon Pruitt (10B)

Stuart, Ia

5. Chris Pruitt (22)

Stuart, Ia

6. Ty Hill (3H)

Ankeny, Ia

7. Brock Badger (50B)

Bagley, Ia

8. Corey Piffer (71)

Indianola, Ia

9. Brad Herring (87)

Corning, Ia

10. Kellie Schmit (38C)

Eldora, Ia

11. Dusty Van Horn (33VH)

Atlantic, Ia

12. Jordan Riesberg (55)

Madrid, Ia

13. Buck Schafroth (92)

Orient, Ia

14. Andrew Knode (7K)

Adel, Ia

15. Marcus Fagan (1F)

Adair, Ia

16. Robert Stofer (50)

Jefferson, Ia

17. Rod Richards (23HR)

Madrid, Ia

18. Chad Legere (7C)

Ankeny, Ia

19. Brian Blessington (92B)

Breda, Ia

20. Bryan Snell (3S)

Coon Rapids, Ia

21. Matthew West (31X)

Kellerton, Ia


SportMods A-Feature

1. Austin Luellen (3A)

Minburn, Ia

2. Matt Webb (51X)

Des Moines, Ia

3. Colton Nelson (93N)

Osceola, Ia

4. Jake McBirnie (82)

Boone, Ia

5. David Schwartz (57S)

Greenfield, Ia

6. Chase Rudolf (8R)

Prole, Ia

7. Brandon Patava (61)

Des Moines, Ia

8. Thomas Egenberger (98)

Des Moines, Ia

9. Kody Havens (99K)

Anita, Ia

10. John Watson (4W)

Des Moines, Ia

11. Kyle Bentley (35)

Fairbank, Ia

12. Ryan King (57R)

Montour, Ia

13. Arie Schouten (99RE)

Blair, Ne

14. D J Robinson (33R)

Des Moines, Ia

15. Hunter Weber (99W)

Council Bluffs, Ia

16. Lynn Brockett (57)

Ogden, Ia

17. Shawn Kralik (0)

Creston, Ia

18. Jerod Weston (86J)

Red Oak, Ia

19. Josh Sink (5)

Red Oak, Ia

20. Matthew Munyon (13M)

Kellerton, Ia

21. Kevin Gyles (33G)

St. Charles, Ia


Hobby Stocks A-Feature

1. Jeff Anderson (8R)

Atlantic, Ia

2. Corey Madden (2)

Avoca, Ia

3. Eric Stanton (7B)

Carlisle, Ia

4. Jamie Schirm (56)

Dexter, Ia

5. Mike Goldsberry (02)

Runnells, Ia

6. Keith Burg (78B)

Adel, Ia

7. Jamie Songer (96R)

Ankeny, Ia

8. Dustin Graham (7)

Boone, Ia

9. Korbin Nourse (12)

Dexter, Ia

10. Chuck Madden (2X)

Avoca, Ia

11. Brandon Cox (66)

Norwalk, Ia

12. J R Croy (70X)

Norwalk, Ia

13. David McQuiston (57M)

Van Meter, Ia

14. Raymond Fees (47)

Des Moines, Ia

15. Justin Maschke (4W)

Des Moines, Ia

16. Colton Schaaf (14)

Ankeny, Ia

17. Jerry Richards (52)

Creston, Ia

18. Josh Monthei (69)

Jefferson, Ia

19. Marcus Kyle (T71)

Boone, Ia

20. Matt Wahl (20W)

Norwalk, Ia

21. David Kimmel (33K)

New Virginia, Ia

22. Riley Songer (96)

Ankeny, Ia

23. Ross Marshall (21)

Johnston, Ia

24. Anthony Goldsberry (18)

Runnels, Ia


Enduro A-Feature

1. Brad Moyer (21)

Alleman, Ia

2. Curtis Kline (88)

Amana, Ia

3. Doug Weiss (3)

Dallas Center, Ia

4. Travis Dawson (77)

Delta, Ia

5. Lucas Richardson (40X)

Coon Rapids, Ia

6. Bret Moyer (98)

Polk City, Ia

7. Randy Embrey (40)

Granger, Ia

8. Lou Sipolt Jr. (9)

Altoona, Ia

9. Gene Tish (54)

Deep River, Ia

10. Justin Schroeder (35)

Coon Rapids, Ia

11. David McQuiston (57M)

Van Meter, Ia

12. Shonn Mapes (79)

Ankeny, Ia

13. Brandon Holbrook (23)

Altoona, Ia

14. Andrew Clark (7XJR)

Des Moines, Ia

15. Austin Meiners (8)

Polk City, Ia

16. Bryan Spangler (17)

Coon Rapids, Ia






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