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Roberts Wins 2nd Straight Ron Little Memorial

Story by Josh Reynolds

Stuart, IA (May 29) – An absolutely beautiful night was enjoyed by a HUGE crowd, both at the track and at home thanks to Speed Shift TV, and 132 cars at Stuart Speedway! Dustin Forsberg, Marcus Fagan, Curtis Miller, Austin Luellen, John Watson, Skylar Hunter and Nick Roberts were named champions at the 16th annual Ron Little Memorial.

Ed Griggs and Josh May brought out the MADCRA Mod Lites for the first feature of the night. Griggs led early with May and Cory Sauerman close behind. After a couple of quick yellows on laps six and eight, Dustin Forsberg moved into the lead on lap nine. Sauerman made it to second on lap fourteen, but there was no stopping Forsberg as he went on to the win. Sauerman finished second with Griggs third, May fourth and Travis Stensland fifth. Joe Glick, May and Joel Huggins were the heat race winners.

IMCA Stock Cars came out next with Clay Mercer and Marcus Fagan leading the field to green. Fagan led early with Mercer and Brandon Pruitt giving chase. Pruitt held second until Mike Nichols moved by on lap twelve. Nichols worked high and low, but Fagan was too strong on this night and went on to take the win. Nichols finished second with Pruitt third, Josh Pruitt fourth and Mercer fifth. Fagan and Nichols were the heat race winners.

Vicki Meeker and John Gill led the IMCA Sport compacts to the green next with Gill leading the first three times around. Curtis Miller took over on lap four and looked to take the easy win, but Gill found a faster line and made up a lot of ground as the cars took the white flag. Gill came around the top side in turn four, but it was Miller taking the win by less than a foot! Gill finished a disappointing second with Aaron Miller third, James Peterson fourth and Randy Rush fifth. Gill was the heat race winner.

IMCA Northern SportMods were up next with Kody Havens and Clint Luellen on the front row. Havens showed the way at the start with Luellen and younger brother Austin in tow. A rash of cautions broke out from laps five to seven with Clint Luellen making it to the lead in the process. The last yellow of the race flew on lap nine with Clint leading Austin and Havens to the stripe. Two laps later Austin moved into the lead on the top side and would go the distance to take the win. Clint finished second with Havens third, Johnathon Logue fourth and Carter VanDenberg fifth. Shawn Cooney, Brandon Williams, DJ Robinson and Austin Luellen were the heat race winners. Jack Housley picked up the win in the B-Feature.

John Watson and David Simpson brought the IMCA Hobby Stocks to the green flag with Watson taking control early. Ryan Grochala worked the bottom side of the track and made it to the lead on lap ten from his seventh starting spot. Grochala held the top spot for a bit, but Watson held true to the top side of the track and took it back on lap thirteen. Watson went on to the win with Grochala second, Shannon Anderson third, Jamie Songer fourth and Jason Day fifth. Anderson, Jamie Schirm and Songer were the heat race winners.

The Heartland Micro Sprints were up next with Skylar Hunter and Rich Koop on the front row. Hunter made this a one sided event as he led every lap and went on to the commanding win. Alec Carberry finished second with Jason Humphrey third, Corey Forsyth fourth and Ryan Mills fifth. Jayce Jenkins and Hunter were the heat race winners.

Last up for the night would be the 16th running of the Ron Little Memorial. It seems like yesterday that we lost Ron, and in his memory this event gets bigger and better every year. A LOT of people came together to make this event as big as it was, and all of us at Stuart Speedway want to thank them for everything they did! After Todd Shute, Jake Murray, Darrin Duffy and Jason Murray won heat races and Matt Webb won the B-Feature, Nick Roberts and Racer Hulin led the field to green for the thirty lap A-Main. Roberts took control early with Hulin and then Duffy close behind. Roberts, Duffy and Hulin held the top three spots until Todd Shute moved into third on lap seventeen. A lap later the yellow would fly for Andrew Schroeder as he slowed on the top side. This would be the last stoppage, and when the cars took the green it was Roberts flexing his muscle on the top side as he went on to his second straight RLM and the $2000 payday! Shute finished second with Duffy third, Tim Ward fourth and Hulin fifth.

We’d like to thank all who came out to support the race track at our fourth event of the year. This was a seam-bursting crowd and we were so proud to have all of you there! Next week will be Roy Sargent Building Night at the Races. We will have our 5 regular IMCA classes with the Micro Sprints joining us for the third straight week. See you next week!


Modifieds - Feature


1. 23JR    Nick Roberts

2. 5    Todd Shute

3. 19D    Darin Duffy

4. 4TW    Tim Ward

5. 505    Racer Hulin

6. B1    Jeff Larson

7. 48J    Jacob Murray

8. V31    Todd Vaneaton

9. 83G    Josh Gilman

10. 3F    Cole Ferguson

11. 71    Jeff James

12. 81D    Scott Davis

13. 9E    Eric Elliott

14. 1BC    Tony Cox

15. 19    Jimmy Gustin

16.. 15    Cody Hillgartner

17. 49J    Jason Murray

18. 5M    Matthew Meinecke

19. 51X    Matthew Webb

20. 1R    Craig Reetz

21. B00K    Dylan Book

22. 14B    Scott Bash

23. 28R    Russ Dickerson DNF

24. 2    Andrew Schroeder DNF



Stock Cars - Feature


1. 1F    Marcus Fagan

2. 63    Mike Nichols

3. 10B    Brandon Pruitt

4. 78JP    Josh Pruitt

5. M36    Clay Mercer

6. 22    Chris Pruitt

7. 33VH    Dusty Van Horn

8. 98    Derrick Rohe

9. 3    Joe Zadina

10. 25J    Josh Daniels

11. 92B    Brian Blessington

12. 12    Adam Hagen

13. 54    Robbie Merkle

14. 32    Dillon Carlisle



SportMods - Feature


1. 3A    Austin Luellen

2. 3L    Clinton Luellen

3. 99K    Kody Havens

4. 69JR    Johnathon Logue

5. 7    Carter Vandenberg

6. 33R    D.j. Robinson

7. 6A    Adam Armstrong

8. 30    Shawn Cooney

9. 10H    Jack Housley

10. 34    Jerry Hinton

11. 32L    Ty Luellen

12. 8R    Chase Rudolf

13. 99RE    Arie Schouten

14. 99    Erick Knutsen

15. 61    Brandon Patava

16. 57S    David Schwartz

17. 8    Dusty Masolini DNF

18. 99A    Jeff Anderson DNF

19. 67X    Brandon Williams DNF

20. 13T    Taylor Musselman DNF

21. 9A    Logan Anderson DNF

22. 16A    Bryce Allen DNF

23. 57    Lynn Brockett DNF

24. 77    Mike Myer DNF



Hobby Stocks - Feature


1. 4W    John Watson

2. 77G    Ryan Grochala

3. 78    Shannon Anderson

4. 96R    Jamie Songer

5. 14    Jason Day

6. 92    Buck Schafroth

7. 77    Derek Hodges

8. 7    David Simpson

9. 14B    Keith Burg

10. 12    Korbin Nourse

11. 3A    Gregg Anderson

12. 18D    Kevin Derry

13. 7M    Matt Tiernan

14. 9H    Kenny Hay

15. 7H    Adam Hensel DNF

16. 3J    Jamie Flugge-smith DNF

17. 57M    David Mcquiston DNF

18. 56    Jamie Schirm DNF



Spt Compact - Feature


1. 411    Curtis Miller

2. 2    John Gill

3. 1    Aaron Miller

4. 79    James Peterson

5. 54    Randy Rush DNF

6. 4    David Coenen DNF

7. 32M    Vicki Meeker DNF

8. 4C    Cody Olmstead DNF

9. 15V    Bryan Vannausdle DNF



Mod Lites - Feature


1. 3D    Dustin Forsberg

2. 17    Cory Sauerman

3. 47    Ed Griggs

4. 99    Joshua May

5. 89    Travis Stensland

6. X50    Joel Huggins

7. 7    Erin Turner

8. 88    Justin Rankin

9. 8    Eric Cross

10. 6    Mike Morrill

11. 46    Kevin Grishom

12. 22    Tony Sterner

13. 3GT    Tim Gannon

14. 63    Cody Smith

15. 3G    Joe Glick DNF

16. 54N    Scott Naggatz DNF

17. 73T    Ted Jensen DNS

18. 56S    Chad Shartzer DNS



Micro Sprints - Feature

Finish Car Driver

1. 7S    Skylar Hunter

2. 16T    Alec Carberry

3. 10    Jason Humphrey

4. 49C    Corey Forsyth

5. 92M    Ryan Mills

6. 33    Jayce Jenkins

7. 32T    Tim Ottenbacher

8. 99    Rich Koop

9. 62F    Joel Fritz

10. 21    Devin Wignall DNF

11. 15    Jake Galusha DNS

12. 12X    Doug Sylvester DNS

13. 47    David Stepp DNS


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