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Bennett Takes First SIS Checkers

Story by Josh Reynolds


Stuart, IA (May 26) – Our best night of weather yet was topped by some unbelievable racing Friday night at Stuart Speedway! Kody Havens, John Gill, Solomon Bennett, Nick Roberts and Brandon Pruitt took the wins on Town & Country Insurance Night at the Races.

Kody Havens and Brandon Patava led the IMCA Northern SportMods to the green flag with Havens taking the lead on lap one. Austin Luellen rocketed from his fifth starting position to second and the front two separated themselves from the rest of the field quickly. Havens entered lap traffic on lap six, but wasn’t slowed a bit with Luellen trailing close behind. The only caution of the night flew just after the leaders took the white flag making Havens the winner. Luellen finished second with Dusty Masolini third, Chase Rudolf fourth and Lynn Brockett fifth. Havens and John Watson were the heat race winners.

IMCA Sport Compacts were up next with Kolby Sabin and Joseph Mastin on the front row. Sabin held the lead for the first two circuits with Curtis Miller taking over on lap three right before Mark Riney went for a tumble in turn one to bring out the red flag. Riney was able to get out under his own power, but his night would be over. Miller resumed at the point when the green flag came out but John Gill powered by on the high side a lap later. Cody Vandusen made Miller’s life interesting for the rest of the race, but it was Gill taking the win at the end. Miller crossed in second with Vandusen third, Bobby Key fourth and Sabin fifth. Miller and Vandusen were the heat race winners.

Solomon Bennett and David McQuiston led the IMCA Hobby Stocks to the green flag with Bennett getting the jump to lead lap one. McQuiston and Jack Phillips ran second and third, but Bennett was running away with the race until a yellow came out on lap twelve when Adam Tiernan and Jamie Flugge-Smith tangled in turn two. Bennett took the green flag and never looked back in taking his first ever win at Stuart Speedway. McQuiston finished a career best second with Brandon Cox third, Jamie Schirm fourth and Phillips fifth. Bennett and McQuiston were the heat race winners.

IMCA Modifieds were up next with Brandon Williams and Matt Webb on the front row. Webb held the top spot early over Jeff James and Josh Gilman with Nick Roberts in fourth. Lap four saw some contact between James and Webb. James came out of it with the lead and Gilman followed past Webb a lap later into second. Two quick yellows on lap nine slowed the field, but once they got going it was James and Roberts battling at the point. Roberts secured it on lap eleven and Gilman passed James a lap later. Gilman ran high and low but it was not to be as Roberts went on to take the win. Gilman finished second with Clint Luellen third, James fourth and Todd VanEaton fifth. Gilman and Webb were the heat race winners.

The last race of the night was the IMCA Stock Cars with Buck Schafroth and Derrick Rohe leading the seventeen car field to the green flag. Schafroth held the top spot for the first three laps until Brandon Pruitt powered by on lap four. Pruitt held a comfortable margin over Schafroth and Rohe for the first half of the race, but perennial power Marcus Fagan began his march to the front from his tenth starting position. Fagan was in third by lap seven and passed Schafroth for second on lap eleven. Fagan made it up beside Pruitt on lap fifteen, but a lap car forced Pruitt low in turn one on lap seventeen. This seemed to slow Fagan’s momentum and Pruitt went on to the win. Fagan finished second with Michael Murphy third, Schafroth fourth and Cory Bushnell fifth. Rohe and Pruitt were the heat race winners.

We’d like to thank all who came out to support the race track at our third event of the year. Next week will be Roy Sargent Building Night at the Races with our five regular classes in attendance. See you then!




 Hobby Stock

1. 11B Solomon Bennett

2. 57M David McQuiston

3. 66 Brandon Cox

4. 56 Jamie Schirm

5. 00 Jack Phillips

6. 38R Aaron Rudolph

7. 47 Raymond Fees

8. 12 Korbin Nourse

9. 8 Adam Tiernan

10. 3J Jamie Flugge-Smith

11. 17J Josh Fredricksen

12. 55 Benji Clemons



1. 23JR Nick Roberts

2. 83G Josh Gilman

3. 3L Clinton Luellen

4. 71 Jeff James

5. V31 Todd Vaneaton

6. 3Z Randy Havlik

7. 5M Matthew Meinecke

8. 51X Matt Webb

9. 14B Scott Bash

10. 2E Kevin Hollingsworth

11. 67X Brandon Williams


 Sport Mods

1. 99K Kody Havens

2. 3A Austin Luellen

3. 8 Dusty Masolini

4. 8R Chase Rudolf

5. 57 Lynn Brockett

6. 61 Brandon Patava

7. 4W John Watson

8. 93N Colton Nelson

9. 33 Nicholas Carpenter

10. 224 Dan Swank

11. 64 Trent Stewart

12. 10H Jack Housley


 Sport Compact

1. 02 John Gill

2. 411 Curtis Miller

3. 53 Cody Vandusen

4. 7 Bobby Key

5. 9 Kolby Sabin

6. 00 Scott Ellis

7. 99 Joseph Mastin

8. 21G Travis Graspy

9. 41R Mark Riney

10. 4 David Coenen


 Stock Cars

1. 10B Brandon Pruitt

2. 1F Marcus Fagan

3. 25M Michael Murphy

4. 92 Buck Schafroth

5. 55X Cory Bushnell

6. 25J Josh Daniels

7. 98 Derrick Rohe

8. 8 David Smith

9. 5K Keith Simmons

10. 22 Chris Pruitt

11. 54 Robbie Merkle

12. 55 Jordan Riesberg

13. 50B Brock Badger

14. 7C Chad Legere

15. 25 Trent Murphy

16. 98B Michael Bilyeu

DNS 23 Brent Ricker




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