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Day Wins Wetzel Memorial

Story by Josh Reynolds

Stuart, IA (July 31) – Another beautiful Sunday afternoon gave way to some awesome side by side racing action at Stuart Speedway! Travis Stensland, Brian Blessington, Jake Benischek, Clint Luellen, Chris Abelson and Jason Day were the winners as Jirak Plumbing/Tiling presented the John Wetzel Memorial!

MADCRA Mod Lites were first up with Joel Huggins and Travis Stensland on the front row. Huggins led the first two laps with Stensland getting by on lap three. Josh May moved into third on lap eight and began to track down Huggins while Stensland stretched his lead. May made the pass for second on lap thirteen, but there wasn’t enough time as Stensland went on to the win. May finished second with Huggins third, Mike Morrill fourth and Scott Naggatz fifth. May and Stensland were the heat race winners.

Chris Pruitt and Brian Blessington brought the IMCA Stock Cars to green next with Blessington showing the way on lap one. Brandon Pruitt made the pass for second on lap two with Chris Pruitt and Josh Daniels close behind. Daniels brought out the caution after hard contact with the front stretch wall on lap seven, and that was the only thing slowing Blessington down on this night as he went on to take the win. Marcus Fagan finished second with Brandon Pruitt third, Chris Pruitt fourth and Daniels fifth. Blessington was also the heat race winner.

IMCA Sport Compacts were up next with Aaron Miller and John Gill showing the way. Gill led the first two laps until Jake Benischek took over on lap three. Benischek looked to run away with it, but Cody Vandusen caught up with the leader as the white flag flew. Vandusen made it to Benischek’s door, but that was as far as he could go as Benischek took the win. Vandusen finished second, Gill third, Miller fourth and Scott Ellis fifth. Benischek was also the heat race winner.

Shawn Cooney and Dylan Petersen led the IMCA Northern SportMods to the green flag with Cooney leading lap one. Cooney would lead through three caution flags, but each one brought Clint Luellen a little closer to the front. Luellen would capitalize and take the lead on lap seven, and that was all the defending track champ needed as he went on to take the win. Cooney finished second with Petersen third, Frank Packer fourth and Hunter Longnecker fifth. Austin Luellen and Kody Havens were the heat race winners.

IMCA Modifieds were up next with Josh Gilman and Tim Ward starting on the front row. Gilman showed the way early with Lance Mari and Chris Abelson not far behind. As the laps wound down, Mari began to close on Gilman with Jeff James riding in third. Mari powered his way to the lead as the white flag flew, but as a lap car spun in turn one the leader was collected with Gilman taking damage as well. Through the chaos, Gilman was able to keep his car moving and the decision was made to run a green white checkered to decide the race. Gilman had the lead at the white flag, but Abelson muscled under him in turn one to take over the top spot. Abelson went on to the win and the final Dash for the Clash spot at the Harris Clash with James coming through to finish second. Gilman crossed in third, Ward fourth and Jesse Hoeft rounded out the top five. Hoeft and Matthew Meinecke were the heat race winners.

Last up for the night was the IMCA Hobby Stocks and the running of the John Wetzel Memorial. After Shannon Anderson, Jamie Songer, Eric Stanton and Jacob Keiser took the heat race wins and Jack Phillips took a wild B-Feature win, it was Jason Day and Stanton pulling the first two chips out of the bucket to start on the front row. Day led lap one with Jamie Schirm taking over on lap two. Schirm led the pack for three laps until Day found a better line around the bottom to retake the top spot on lap five. As Day began to stretch his lead, Stanton held the runner up spot until Buck Schafroth passed him on lap eight. Day would start encountering lap traffic on lap thirteen, but the former IMCA Stock Car pilot had no problem negotiating and would go on to score his first ever Hobby Stock win and the $1000 top prize! Schafroth finished second with Schirm third, Stanton fourth and Ryan Grochala fifth. Huge kudos to all of these drivers for a terrific caution-free race!!!

We’d like to thank all who came out to support the race track at our tenth event of the year. Join us next week for Town and Country Insurance Night at the Races. We will have our five regular classes ready to take flight around the bullring! See you at the track!


Modifieds - Feature

1. 1X    Chris Abelson

2. 71    Jeff James

3. 83G    Josh Gilman

4. 4TW    Tim Ward

5. 21    Jesse Hoeft

6. 5D    Devon Havlik

7. 5M    Matthew Meinecke

8. 14B    Scott Bash

9. 19SB    Lance Mari

10. 33    Nicholas Carpenter

11. 48J    Jacob Murray

12. 58    Bill Heinkel

13. 10    Todd Inman

14. Z62    Justin Zeitner

15. V31    Todd Vaneaton



Stock Cars - Feature

1. 92B    Brian Blessington

2. 1F    Marcus Fagan

3. 10B    Brandon Pruitt

4. 22    Chris Pruitt

5. 25J    Josh Daniels

6. B17    Steve Byers

7. 39    Bill Fox

8. 50    Brock Badger

9. 78P    Terry Pruitt



SportMods - Feature

1. 3L    Clinton Luellen

2. 30    Shawn Cooney

3. 44    Dylan Petersen

4. 77AU    Frank Packer

5. 93    Hunter Longnecker

6. 99K    Kody Havens

7. 224    Dan Swank

8. 6B    Daniel Baudler

9. 6A    Adam Armstrong

10. 7X    Brandon Bach

11. 3A    Austin Luellen

12. 2+    Bill Wears



Hobby Stocks - Feature

1. 14    Jason Day

2. 92    Buck Schafroth

3. 56    Jamie Schirm

4. 7B    Eric Stanton

5. 77G    Ryan Grochala

6. 79    Benji Irvine

7. 17    Luke Ramsey

8. 4W    John Watson

9. 66    Brandon Cox

10. 78    Shannon Anderson

11. 7    Jacob Keiser

12. 96R    Jamie Songer

13. 23G    Greg Gilbert

14. 11B    Solomon Bennett

15. 3A    Gregg Anderson

16. 0    Jack Phillips

17. 74    Matt Smith

18. 21W    Wade Gilliland

19. 57X    Robert Green

20. 14B    Keith Burg

21. 2S    Sterling Sorensen

22. 5    Dustin Lynch

23. 47W    Shawn Wirtz

24. 12    Korbin Nourse



Spt Compact - Feature

1. 5    Jake Benischek

2. 53    Cody Vandusen

3. 2    John Gill

4. 1    Aaron Miller

5. 0    Scott Ellis

6. 32M    Vicki Meeker



Mod Lites - Feature

1. 89    Travis Stensland

2. 99    Joshua May

3. X50    Joel Huggins

4. 6    Mike Morrill

5. 54N    Scott Naggatz

6. 17    Cory Sauerman

7. 46    Kevin Grishom

8. 7    Erin Turner

9. 3F    Tim Gannon

10. 73T    Ted Jensen

11. 18M    Chelsea May


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