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Bounty Issued, Collected at Stuart Speedway

 Story by Josh Reynolds

Stuart, IA (July 14) – Kody Havens taking the SportMod bounty headlined a terrific night of racing at Stuart Speedway! John Gill, Marcus Fagan, Solomon Bennett, Havens and Josh Gilman were the winners on Avey Sanitation Night at the Races.

IMCA Sport Compacts were up first with Joe Mastin and Kolby Sabin on the front row. Sabin lead Curtis Miller and John Gill for the first eight laps with Gill sneaking by Miller on lap nine. Miller swung high and took the lead for the next two laps, but it was Gill powering out of turn four on the last lap to take the win. Miller finished second with Sabin third, Scott Ellis fourth and Mastin fifth. Mastin was the heat race winner.

Jordan Riesberg and Corey Piffer brought the IMCA Stock Cars out next with Piffer leading Buck Schafroth and Cory Bushnell for the first five laps. Michael Murphy made the pass on Bushnell for third just before the caution flag flew on lap six. When the race resumed it was Murphy rocketing into the lead over Piffer and Bushnell moved into second a lap later. Lurking in the middle of the pack was Marcus Fagan, but it didn’t take him long to make a charge to third on lap eleven. Murphy was a good 10-11 car lengths ahead of second place, but that would end as a caution flew on lap sixteen to bunch up the field. Murphy led the next two laps with Fagan charging around the outside to take the top spot as the white flag flew. Murphy gave it all he had but it wasn’t enough as Fagan went on to take the win. Murphy finished second with Bushnell third, Trent Murphy fourth and Josh Daniels fifth. Riesberg and Schafroth were the heat race winners.

IMCA Hobby Stocks came out next with Gregg Anderson and Solomon Bennett leading the field to green. Bennett had the early advantage over Anderson and Brandon Cox. Eric Stanton made it to fourth from his eighth starting spot on lap four and began to challenge Cox, but out front it was Bennett still leading Anderson. Anderson worked high and low, but there was no stopping Bennett as he went on to the win in the caution free event. Anderson finished second with Cox third, Stanton fourth and Bill Bonnett fifth. Anderson and Bennett were the heat race winners.

Kody Havens and Bryce Allen showed the way for the IMCA Northern SportMods with Havens leading until a caution came out on lap two. When the green flag flew it was Havens, Colton Nelson and Allen at the front while Austin Luellen was working his way through the pack. After 5 consecutive wins at Stuart, Promotor Chuck Vanderheiden placed a $200 bounty on Luellen. If the 3A could keep winning the bounty would go up $100 each week and Luellen was driving his tail off to make it happen! Austin made it to third from his ninth starting spot on lap four, and second on lap ten. Havens had built a sizeable advantage by then, and took the white flag with the extra money in his sights. A caution for a spin by Adam Armstrong erased the lead, brought Luellen to the back bumper of Havens and the fans to their feet for a 2 lap shootout! Luellen swung high and low, but it was not to be as Havens took the win and the extra $200. Luellen finished second with Nelson third, Chase Rudolph fourth and John Watson fifth. Josh Cooper and Havens were the heat race winners.

Last but not least the IMCA Modifieds came out with Scott Bash and Brandon Williams at the point. Williams took the early lead with Eric Elliott moving by on lap four. Jeff James made it to second on lap six with Josh Gilman tagging along in third. Gilman made a strong move on lap eight to pass both of the leaders and James stayed tight to his bumper in second. Clint Luellen passed Elliott for third on lap nine as Gilman began to stretch his lead over James. Luellen passed James on lap twelve and slowly began to reel in Gilman, but the laps would run out as the 83G went on to the feature win. Luellen finished second with James third, Elliott fourth and Todd VanEaton fifth. Gilman and Elliott were the heat race winners.

We’d like to thank all who came out to support the race track at our ninth event of the year. Next week will be the John Wetzel Memorial/Jirak Plumbing Night at the Races. Hobby Stocks will be racing for $1000 to win and our other four regular classes will be racing as well. See you then!



1. Josh Gilman (83G)

Earlham, Ia

2. Clinton Luellen (3L)

Minburn, Ia

3. Jeff James (71)

Stanton, Ia

4. Eric Elliott (9E)

Boone, Ia

5. Todd Vaneaton (V31)

Orient, Ia

6. Cory Sauerman (17)

Johnston, Ia

7. Randy Foote (37)

Stanton, Ia

8. Scott Bash (14B)

Windsor Heights, Ia

9. Nick Roberts (23JR)

Des Moines, Ia

10. Brandon Williams (67X)

Des Moines, Ia


Stock Cars

1. Marcus Fagan (1F)

Adair, Ia

2. Michael Murphy (25M)

Jefferson, Ia

3. Cory Bushnell (55X)

Madrid, Ia

4. Trent Murphy (25)

Jefferson, Ia

5. Josh Daniels (25J)

Carlisle, Ia

6. Buck Schafroth (92)

Orient, Ia

7. Corey Piffer (71)

Indianola, Ia

8. Chad Legere (7C)

Ankeny, Ia

9. Scott Bailey (64)

Carlisle, Ia

10. Joey Young (72)

Carlisle, Ia

11. Jordan Riesberg (55)

Madrid, Ia

12. Chris Pruitt (22)

Stuart, Ia

13. Derrick Rohe (98)

Audubon, Ia

14. Brock Badger (50B)

Bagley, Ia

15. Brent Ricker (23)

Mount Ayr, Ia



1. Kody Havens (99K)

Anita, Ia

2. Austin Luellen (3A)

Minburn, Ia

3. Colton Nelson (93N)

Osceola, Ia

4. Chase Rudolf (8R)

Prole, Ia

5. John Watson (4W)

Des Moines, Ia

6. Bryce Allen (16A)

Imogene, Ia

7. Josh Cooper (10J)

Prescott, Ia

8. D.j. Robinson (33R)

Des Moines, Ia

9. Daniel Baudler (6B)

Fontanelle, Ia

10. Dusty Masolini (8)

Des Moines, Ia

11. Dylan Petersen (44)

Harlan, Ia

12. Lynn Brockett (57)

Ogden, Ia

13. Brandon Patava (61)

Des Moines, Ia

14. Joey Gyles (33X)

New Virginia, Ia

15. Adam Armstrong (6A)

Beatrice, Ne

16. Dan Swank (224)

Pella, Ia

17. Frank Packer (77AU)

Madrid, Ia


Hobby Stocks

1. Solomon Bennett (11B)

Minburn, Ia

2. Gregg Anderson (3A)

Perry, Ia

3. Brandon Cox (66)

Norwalk, Ia

4. Eric Stanton (7B)

Carlisle, Ia

5. Bill Bonnett (19)

Knoxville, Ia

6. Jamie Schirm (56)

Dexter, Ia

7. Aaron Rudolph (38R)

Grand Junction, Ia

8. David McQuiston (57M)

Van Meter, Ia

9. Ross Marshall (21)

Johnston, Ia

10. Korbin Nourse (12)

Dexter, Ia

11. Jack Phillips (00)

Mitchellville, Ia

12. J R Croy (70X)

Norwalk, Ia


Spt Compact

1. John Gill (02)

Marshalltown, Ia

2. Curtis Miller (411)

Lewis, Ia

3. Kolby Sabin (9)

Des Moines, Ia

4. Scott Ellis (00)

Marshalltown, Ia

5. Joseph Mastin (99)

Des Moines, Ia

6. Dean Richards (69X)

Creston, Ia

7. Landon White (10W)

Creston, Ia

8. Chris Lafoy (55)

Audobon, Ia

9. Hunter Patrick (33)

St. Charles, Ia







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