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Ward and Armstrong Get First Wins at SIS

Story by Josh Reynolds


Stuart, IA (August 7) – An overcast but beautiful night greeted the racers and fans at Stuart Speedway this past Sunday evening! Kyle Byrd, Brian Blessington, Jamie Schirm, Tim Ward, Cody Vandusen and Adam Armstrong were the winners on Town & Country Insurance Night at the Races.

Pro 4 Trucks were first up on the track with TJ Woods and Garrett Nelson on the front row. Kyle Byrd made short work of the field as he took the lead out of turn two, and that was as close as anyone would get to the front as Byrd went on to take the win. Garrit McKee finished second with Nelson third and Woods fourth. McKee was the heat race winner.

Robbie Merkle and Chris Pruitt led the IMCA Stock Cars to the green flag with Pruitt showing the way on lap one. Pruitt would lead one more, but on lap three it was Brian Blessington powering by to take over the top spot. Blessington stretched out the gap over Pruitt as the battle for third was on between Marcus Fagan and Brandon Pruitt. Fagan made it stick on lap fifteen and passed Chris Pruitt a lap later for second, but there was no catching Blessington as he went on to take the win. Fagan finished second, Chris Pruitt third, Brandon Pruitt fourth and Derrick Rohe fifth. Fagan and Brandon Pruitt were the heat race winners.

IMCA Hobby Stocks were up next with Solomon Bennett and Aaron Rudolph on the front row. Bennett led the charge over Rudolph and Jamie Schirm early with John Watson lurking in fourth. Schirm passed Rudolph on lap nine, and two laps later made his move for the lead. As Schirm left the field, Watson worked his way to second on lap thirteen. Schirm went on to the comfortable win with Watson second, Rudolph third, Bennett fourth and Buck Schafroth fifth. Watson and Schafroth were the heat race winners.

Todd Cooney and Todd VanEaton were on the front row for the IMCA Modifieds with Cooney leading lap one. VanEaton worked the wheel in second and passed for the lead on lap four with Tim Ward following him through a lap later. Cooney went for a spin on lap six, and Ward took advantage to steal the lead away from VanEaton on the restart just before Cooney went for a second spin on lap seven. Once the cars got the green again they would go the distance, and Ward had his hands full with visiting Wisconsin driver Luke Lemmens. Lemmens tried to work his magic on the bottom side, but Ward was too strong and went on to take his first win at SIS. Lemmens finished second with Jeff James third, VanEaton fourth and Josh Gilman fifth. James was the heat race winner.

IMCA Sport Compacts were up next with Vicki Meeker and Aaron Miller on the front row. As the cars came out of turn two on the first lap, John Gill was on the wrong end of a domino effect and ended up smashing into the guard rail on the back stretch, coming to rest on his roof. Thankfully Gill was ok, but his car definitely was not and he would retire for the night. Once the field got reset, Cody Vandusen led over James Roose and Miller. Vandusen made it look easy and went on to take the win over Roose with Miller third, Spencer Pavey fourth and Johnathon Kinser fifth. Vandusen and Roose were the heat race winners.

Last up for the night was the IMCA Northern SportMods with Adam Armstrong and Shawn Cooney on the front row. Before the green flag flew, a couple of pace laps were led by Larry Embrey. Larry announced that it would be his last night in a race car, and considering he started in the mid 1960’s (even he isn’t exactly sure what year that was!), it has been quite a career! Once the race started up it was Armstrong getting the jump on the field with Cooney and Austin Luellen running close behind. As the race wound down, Armstrong and Cooney distanced themselves over the pack, but there was very little distance between the two as they took the white flag. Cooney applied the pressure, but Armstrong was up to the task and went on to take his first win at SIS. Cooney finished second with Wisconsin driver JJ Anderson third, Dylan Petersen fourth and Luellen fifth. Luellen and Petersen were the heat race winners.

We’d like to thank all who came out to support the race track at our eleventh event of the year. Join us next week for the Bones Memorial presented by Jorgensen Custom Hay Services LLC. The SportMods will be racing for $1000 to win, our regular classes will be racing hard as always and the Micro Sprints will be in attendance as well! See you next week!


Modifieds - Feature

1. 4TW    Tim Ward

2. 7    Luke Lemmens

3. 71    Jeff James

4. V31    Todd Vaneaton

5. 83G    Josh Gilman

6. 25D    Bob Daniels

7. 58    Bill Heinkel

8. 10    Todd Cooney

9. 14B    Scott Bash



Stock Cars - Feature

1. 92B    Brian Blessington

2. 1F    Marcus Fagan

3. 22    Chris Pruitt

4. 10B    Brandon Pruitt

5. 98    Derrick Rohe

6. 28W    Don Wear

7. 78P    Terry Pruitt

8. 25J    Josh Daniels

9. 55X    Brandon Hill

10. 50    Brock Badger

11. 54    Robbie Merkle



SportMods - Feature

1. 6A    Adam Armstrong

2. 30    Shawn Cooney

3. 94    J.j. Andersen

4. 44    Dylan Petersen

5. 3A    Austin Luellen

6. 57    Lynn Brockett

7. 3L    Clinton Luellen

8. 16A    Bryce Allen

9. 25    Buddy Jones

10. 15A    Carl Allbee

11. 39    Larry Embrey



Hobby Stocks - Feature

1. 56    Jamie Schirm

2. 4W    John Watson

3. 38R    Aaron Rudolph

4. 11B    Solomon Bennett

5. 92    Buck Schafroth

6. 71    Patrick Pellman

7. 0    Jack Phillips

8. 14    Jason Day

9. 3A    Gregg Anderson

10. 77G    Ryan Grochala

11. 14B    Keith Burg

12. 11    David Castellano

13. 74    Matt Smith



Spt Compact - Feature

1. 53    Cody Vandusen

2. 86R    James Roose

3. 1    Aaron Miller

4. 32    Spencer Pavey

5. 6    Johnathan Kinser

6. 411    Curtis Miller

7. 9H    Levi Heath

8. 00T    Mike Tingley

9. 5P    Robert Bennett

10. 32M    Vicki Meeker

11. 2    John Gill

12. 88C    Dan Campbell



Trucks - Feature

1. 27    Kyle Byrd

2. 88    Garrit Mckee

3. 95N    Garrett Nelson

4. 01W    T.j. Woods


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